Season 3, Episode 10 – Atlantic City By Way Of Cincinnati
Great poker from the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas, plus we review the poker from Cincinnati Kid.
Season 3, Episode 9 – Maverick 2
More poker from Atlantic City, plus we review famous scenes from poker movies with James Woods, Richard Roeper, and Ebony Kenney.
Season 3, Episode 8 – Monopoly Money
Our players try to bankrupt each other. See who passes go at our exclusive cash game in our Atlantic City series at Golden Nugget
Season 3, Episode 7 – Down By The Boardwalk
We begin our Atlantic City series at the Golden Nugget with James Woods, Richard Roeper, and Linda Kenny Baden.
Season 3, Episode 6 – Two Rules For Success
There are two rules for success at poker. We find out what they are in this episode filmed at Maryland Live.
Season 3, Episode 5 – Monied Men With Experience
Who gets the money and who gets the experience in this episode from Maryland Live?
Season 3, Episode 4 – Who Will Survive At Maryland Live?
Chips change hands all over the table during our cash game at Maryland Live.
Season 3, Episode 3 – Home Game
A new moment in poker history, and maybe a new low. Our game continues at Maryland Live!
Season 3, Episode 2 – The Consultologist
We head back to the Ram’s Head Center Stage at Maryland Live for our invite-only cash game just as friction develops between Phil Hellmuth and Dumpster Joe Butts.
Year in Review…What’s Next?
December 8, 2015 While at the WSOP this summer I stopped by Jennifer Tilly’s table to say hi. She jumped out of her chair, gave me a hug (sick brag) and immediately said “Todd, it’s so great, it seems like every day people come up to me and say they’ve been watching me play on Poker Night in America.” That was the single most gratifying sentence I heard someone speak in 2015. We have lots of numbers and lots of ratings information but nothing in a spreadsheet has the impact of hearing it from Jennifer Tilly. People are watching. And[...]

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